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New Content: Requirements and Instructions

New content form

This is for NEW news posts, NEW events, NEW content, etc.

New Content Instructions & requirements:

A: Sponsor (the Responsible Party)

Name and area of the person submitting the information:
The name of the School of Art faculty or staff member submitting the new content form and the area the posting corresponds to.
Example: Beauvais Lyons, Printmaking

Email address of the person submitting the information:
Use UT email address
Confirmation email will be sent here

B: Information

Title of post or name of event (or both)
Whatever you want your post or event (or both) titled as. Less than 10 words

Post Body – entirety of text, no max word count
If this is an event, be sure to include the date, time, and location.
This is everything you want your post to say. Give us a nice article, but not War and Peace. Try to make it dynamic.

*Linking to another URL within the post: write the URL in brackets next to the word(s) you want to use as the hyperlink. Example:
Visit the artist’s website[].

Do NOT use this box to say “more info to follow”. Please do NOT submit this form until you have ALL of the info.

Post or Event Image

Main Image:  850px wide x 450px tall. Please edit your images to 72ppi. Any images that exceed these dimensions will be sent back to you to edit.

Image title
Please give the artist’s last name and the name of the piece or image

*Note on additional images
If more images are needed: REPLY to the confirmation email you are sent after submitting this form, and attach the additional images to that email. DO NOT reply to the confirmation email to make changes to the post.


Please do not send PDFs. Please put your content into a word doc, or in the “post body” of the form

C: Categories

Main / Sponsoring Area
This is the area that is “sponsoring” the post.
For example: VADSCO, Sculpture, or Downtown Gallery.

Additional categories
Use on an as needed basis. Choose whichever other categories you think best fit your post. You don’t have to choose any.

The categories listed have been carefully chosen, and reflect the way posts are managed and navigated. Therefore, your requested category selection may be changed.

D: Support

Notes to the web team
This is where you get to tell us any special instructions, notes about the post, how awesome we are, how your day’s going, etc.

Do NOT use this box to say “more info to follow”. Please do NOT submit this form until you have ALL of the info.

A note about social media:
News postings will automatically cross-post on Facebook and Twitter at the time they are posted to the site. Events will be posted to Facebook the week of, and to Twitter the day before or the day of.

New content form

Questions? email

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