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Feature Request

The feature request will provide us a chance to let you know where we are headed with the site. Features can be submitted by faculty and staff via the New Content Form – please describe the feature(s) that you are looking for in the summary box.

Adding plug-ins is a complicated venture. Our plug-in approval/testing process is a tedious one. Every plug-in must play nice with the template and with the other plug-ins. Once we receive your request, it will be added to the list below and we will post progress updates. Additionally, as the template is updated we can ask the team to to verify comparability before new versions are released.

One more note, don’t worry about asking for a plug-in that has already been submitted. We would like to know if others are interested in a feature that has been requested.

Personal Gallery plug-in:
We are looking for a web gallery plug-in that is compatible with our new template.

Demographic plug-in:
We would like to have a slice of the demographic data on the WFT portal page, for you all to see.

Enhancement: (2015-1005) A web form than can be tabbed through.


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