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Spotlight: Painting + Drawing

Screening from February 19 – March 31, on the Superscreens in Victory Park AAC, home of the Dallas Mavericks.

Do-All, Do-All, Do-All, is an exploration of meaning and history. The work has an identifiable relationship to landscape painting, a kind of narrative that unravels between the cultivated ground and the image, and cinema, a form of narrative that reveals itself over time. The work for Los Americanos, and the context in which it will be viewed lies somewhere between these two forms. Situating the work outdoors, on large formatscreens installed on buildings that bridge the gap between the earth and the sky, is a meaningful and important gesture.

The French word Dueil can be translated to mean mourning or bereavement. Inspired by the peasant drawings of Jean-François Millet and Vincent van Gogh my work seeks to play on the word Dueil (Dual, Duel and Dueil).

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