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The sculpture facility consists of a foundations classroom, sculpture studio, a clay and plaster room, casting support area, a large, well equipped metal fabrication space with a bridge crane connecting to an outdoor work space, and a foundry. There is also a fully equipped wood working shop shared with architecture. All the sculpture spaces interconnect, fostering a flow of ideas and sense of community among students at all levels.

Overview of Sculpture Facilities

Sculpture Classroom and Studio

Plaster Workroom

Casting Support Area

(320 square feet) including monorail system with electric chain pull, full ceramic shell, sand blaster, patina and chemical supply station, wax working area, and rubber and plater mold materials.


(600 square feet) including 1 computer controlled burn out kiln, 2 melt furnaces (one with 110 pound capacity and the other with 100 pound capacity), sand pit, and a monorail system with electric chain pull.

Metal Fabrication Area

(3000 square feet)
including metal roller with 6 foot capacity, 6 foot break, 6 foot shear, plasma cutter, Hosfeld bender, hydraulic press, pedestal grinding station, horizontal band saw, chop saw, pipe bender, 4 oxy-acetylene set-ups, 3 mig welders, 4 AC-DC welders, 1 heli-arc electric welder, two gas forges and a power hammer. This area has a 40-foot ceiling with a 40 x 30 foot door and a bridge crane connecting it to an outdoor workspace.

Outdoor Workspace

(4000 square feet) with covered storage and iron foundry.

Additional Facilities


(3000 square feet) includes radial arm saw, large table saw, 4 band saws, 24″ surface planer, panel saw, belt and disc sander, joiner, 2 drill presses, and overhead dust collection system. The woodshop is maintained by a full time technician and is shared with the College of Architecture and Design.

Media Pool

Includes digital cameras, projectors, video cameras, tripods, DVD players, media players, Flip Cams, and laptops.

3D Printing Lab

Studio spaces for undergraduate majors

Graduate Studio Spaces

Private studios in the Art and Architecture Building, shared workspace and an installation room in the Metron Annex

Access to an exhibition/critique space

In the atrium of the Art and Architecture building and at a student gallery, “1010”, in downtown Knoxville.

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