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Print Bibliography: Bibliography
What is a print? Digital vs. Hand printing

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Ten Commandments of Printmaking: 10 Commandments.pdf
Goals for Graduate Students: gradgoals.pdf
Printmaking quotes: printmaking_quotes.pdf
Results of the Survey of Printmakers for the 2010 Mid-America Print Council Session "New and Old Generations: Teaching Printmaking" (14 page pdf).

Bibliographies of Books in Hodges Library - Special Collections
Animals, Plant and Anatomy: animalplantandanatomy.pdf
Artist Books: artistbooks.pdf
Typography and Illustration: typographyandillustration.pdf

Kevin Haas, Professor of Art from Washington State University, has compiled this excellent set of handouts (as pdf's) covering various aspects of digital applications with traditional printmaking. For the complete and current listing of all of his handouts, CLICK HERE:
Digital Basics for Printmaking: khaas_digital_basics.pdf
Positive Filmsfor Screenprint: khaas_films_for_screenprint.pdf
Positive Photolithography: khaas_pos_photolitho.pdf
Pronto Plate Lithography: khaas_pronto.pdf

Keith Howard's Surviving Teaching Practices in University and College Studio Art Programs.
First presented and published in 1993, Howard classifies art schools into five systems to be avoided, 1) the Jungle School, 2) The Clone School, 3) The Omnipotent School, 4) The Laissez-faire or Noninterference School and the 5) The Curriculum School of Inflexibility. Howard advocates for a more supportive and nurturing system of art education. To print this document as a two sided pamphlet on letter-size paper print document A on four sheets in a landscape orientation, and insert in the printer before printing document B. The pamphlet may be completed by saddle-stitching.


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