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Goals for UT Knoxville Printmaking Graduate Students

I. Technical Skills

  1. Knowledge and demonstrated ability in three or more of the following:
    • intaglio
    • lithography
    • relief
    • screen printing
    • letterpress and book arts
    • papermaking
    • monoprint
  2. Knowledge and demonstrated ability in photography and photo-print methods.
  3. Demonstrated ability using Adobe Suite, file preparation for laser cutting.
  4. Knowledge and demonstrated ability in two or more of the following:
    • drawing/painting
    • publication and interactive design/time arts
    • three dimensional forms/sculpture-ceramics
    • performance/relational art practices
  5. General understanding of graphic design production.
  6. Experience with collaborative print projects.

II. Theoretical Aptitude

  1. Articulate comprehension of the history and aesthetics of art with an emphasis on print forms.

III. Professional Skills

  1. strong verbal skills (public speaking, critiquing, etc.).
  2. strong written expression (artist statement, grant applications, reviews).
  3. organizational skills (project implementation, budgeting, etc.)
  4. proven teaching experience.

IV. Professional Goals before Graduation

  1. A strong, ambitious body of work.
  2. inclusion in 5 or more National Juried Competitions.
  3. one or more published articles or reviews (Number, Art Papers, Metro Pulse, SGC Newsletter, etc.)
  4. 2 or more lectures or public presentations.
  5. organize and curate an exhibition with a catalogue (at Gallery 1010).
  6. Organize an exchange portfolio involving artists from other cities/programs
  7. gallery representation
  8. a web site with a dedicated domain name
  9. organize a regional symposium of graduate students

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