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Printmaking Graduate Student Receives Fellowship from Trinity University

Jade Hoyer, who is completing her MFA degree this semester, has been awarded the Ann Plato Fellowship from Trinity College for 2016-2017.

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Three Bridges Project


Elements of the 3 Bridges Project, including the JFG sign, the marque for the Tennessee Theatre, graduate student Raluca Iancu with a sample paper building with screen printed doors and windows, and a paper Sun Sphere. Students and faculty in the UT School of Art Printmaking Program are collaborating with colleagues from Ohio University and Northern Illinois University on the "Three Bridges Project," a hypothetical city at 1:50 scale that combines signature elements of Knoxville (Tennessee), Athens (Ohio) and Dekalb (Illinois). The concept of "Three Bridges" references the "Milwaukee Bridge War" of 1845 between early settlers of Milwaukee. The project presents a hybrid city where the different communities are linked by draw-bridges. Funding for the project comes, in part, from the sale of small-scale billboards for printmaking suppliers, and will be installed at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design's Riverview Gallery during the 2013 SGC International Conference, March 20-24, 2013. This project builds on prior collaborative projects with Ohio University, including the "We Have a Dream Project" for Knoxville's MLK Parade in January 2011.

Welcome to Printmaking

fulmerThe Printmaking Program provides a complete studio experience leading toward BFA and MFA degrees with regular courses in intaglio, lithography, relief and monotype, papermaking and screenprint. Emphasis is placed on both traditional and exploratory techniques and concepts, including monoprints, combinations of print and non-print methods and photo-print processes including non-silver photographic processes. No style, technique or aesthetic approach is stressed over another, so that the individual quality of one's work is the essential measure of achievement. UT art students, especially our graduate students and undergraduate majors are expected to work with the entire printmaking toolbox, from traditional to digital processes. Gaining a command of these tools allow the artist to choose the appropriate print medium and technique for a given concept.

The print area encourages a pedagogical approach that treats prints as one of many tools in an expanded field of art production. In serving this wide range of areas within the school of art, printmaking has the potential to function as an important meeting ground for artistic issues and approaches, from the autographic and painterly, to the mechanical, computer aided and photographic. In this sense, print forms can function as a bridge, crossing the boundaries which divide the fine from the applied arts. For this reason, we see the mission of the print area as a critical component of the school's overall mission.

The Printmaking program has a linkage agreement with the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland. Through this relationship two of our students spend the month of May as guest artists in Poland. Two students from Wroclaw come to UTK each September in the same capacity. The program offers our students an opportunity to form lasting relationships with their printmaking peers in Poland.

At the University of Tennessee we have an active community in our shop, with frequent visiting artists, an active student-lead print club, and an annual Open House and Celebrity Print Sale (including prints by UT athletic coaches, at right UT Football Coach Phil Fulmer makes a zinc etching plate for a student fund-raiser to attend the annual Southern Graphics Council Conference.). We have even made prints with elephants from the Knoxville Zoo under the direction of the New York artists Komar and Melamid. We believe that making art can be serious fun.


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