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The UT Print Workshop covers 4,500 square feet

In addition, graduate students are provided private and semi private studios in Melrose Hall which are about 100 square feet each with access to additional storage. The shop is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for graduate students and until midnight for undergraduates. Faculty members have studio/offices adjacent to the printshop and use the facility to produce their own work. Below is a list of the facilities and equipment:


1 Charles Brand press (36 x 60 inch bed), 1 Charles Brand press (16 x 30 inch bedsize), Takach Intaglio Press (24 x 48 inch bedsize), a new Kewaunee glass enclosed acid bath (12 x 4 foot), large dual ferric chloride vertical etching bath, 2 hot plates (28 x 36 inch), large upright aquatint box with an electric fan, kick shears, Delta scroll saw (for plate shaping) and an extensive number of viscosity and relief rollers. Many of the table surfaces are covered in glass to assist in ink preparation and printing.



1 Charles Brand press (36 x 60 inch bed), Vandercook Proof Press (24 x 40 inch bed), Franklin Press (26 x 20 inch bed) and a large collection of Takach inking rollers.




Over 150 stones, 3 stainless steel faced plate backings, 2 Charles Brand presses (30 x 48 inch bed), 1 Charles Brand press (24 x 40 inch bed), 1 Takach Press (34 x 60 inch bed), 6 leather and 8 composition rollers (including a 26 lb. Takach full sheet bleed roller), 16 foot stainless steel graining sink, Big Joe hydraulic lift (with metallic glitter flame decals).


Mandala Screenprinting


A flexible working space with tables and a large screen storage area. Screen printing is serviced by a large, stainless-steel sink with a power washer and a Lawson large (48 x 72 inch) format exposure unit, and two Lawson Proto 24 x 30 inch (vacuum) presses.


David Reina Design Hollander Beater, Lee S. McDonald Hydraulic Paper Press, 12 deckel boxes, extensive supply of felts in a dedicated wet area with a floor drain.



Additional Facilities

Media Pool

Main School of Art Facilities Page

Faculty and Graduate student pressroom

Takach intaglio press (40 x 70 inch bed), Takach lithography press (34 x 60 inch bed), Vacuum screen printing table (48 x 68 inches). An American French Tool intaglio-relief press with a 5 x 10 foot bed. AWT screenprint press (72 x 98 inch bedsize).


Letterpress Studio

Letterpress and Book Art Lab

Shared with the Graphic Design Program in the School of Art we have an SP-15 Vandercook (15 x 17 inch bed), Challenge Press (20 x 30 inch bed) and a large inventory of type.

Printmaking Digital Resource Lab

Update this info: Seven iMac Computers with 21.5 inch monitors, Epson 11 x 17 inch flatbed color scanner, Epson Stylus Pro 9890 Inkjet Printer, Epson Stylus Pro 7600 Inkjet Printer dedicated to film printing, Xante 12 x 19 inch Platemaker 5 with a Filmstar system, HP Laserjet 5200 Printer. The lab is equipped with a full range of licensed software. The Art and Architecture Building is wireless.


American French Tool Press

Photo-Printmaking Areas

A stand alone darkroom film and plate processing with a Omega color-head enlarger with 50mm and 80mm lenses. Amerigraph flip-top plate maker (33 x 42 inch exposure area), a NuArc line table and additional light table, a vacuum frame (20 x 24 inch) with a point light source (for film reversals).



Bonus Features:

  • Crit-Tiki: a special “God-Like” deity to assist in making critical judgements.
  • The Juan Valdez Beverage Center: includes a 12 cup coffee-maker, a microwave oven and a condiment dispenser.
  • Internet Radio from Six Speakers: because music and independent news is a good thing.
  • Mona Lisa Koosh Court: to assist in developing hand-eye coordination and various motor skills. A ping-pong table may be set-up on demand.



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