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Fusion of Science and Art

amy-reidelAmy Reidel received her MFA in painting and drawing from the School of Art in 2008. Now, she creates multimedia work that uses scientific image bases including Doppler radar, geologic minerals, and color MRIs as a metaphor to signify emotional and physical conditions. She fabricates relationships between this colorful imagery, religious icons, and family portraits to communicate ideas of loss, mortality, immortality, joy, and love. Through the portrayals of changing atmospheric and bodily conditions, viewers can question these codes of danger and potentially see the beauty within them.

In 2016, Reidel received the Critical Mass Creative Stimulus Award, which provides unrestricted funding to support artists to pursue special projects, experiment with new techniques, and deepen their understanding of their working processes.

“Being awarded the Critical Mass Creative Stimulus Award along with my exhibit at the Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Galleries means a great deal to me,” says Reidel, who moved from New Mexico to attend graduate school, which she discovered very challenging.

“My experience at UT was intense,” says Reidel. “I was under-prepared for the academic climate and rejected the elitist implications of being in art school.”

In the end, however, Reidel rose to the challenge and now cherishes her experience at UT.

“It provided beautiful, painful, accelerated growth. Without it, without my professors and peers, there is no way I would be as articulate about my work and the work of others,” says Reidel. “The challenge and support from the art department is something I will probably never experience again in my life.”

Moving forward, Reidel will explore new materials for her exhibition with the Critical Mass award and keep applying for more opportunities until something comes up.

“In the meantime, I will continue to struggle and navigate my way through my studio, attempting to make work that is reflective of my experience on this earth and interesting to others at the same time.”

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