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Sony NEX FS100

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Make/Model: Sony NEX FS100
Guide: Manual
Kit Contains: Sony NEX camera, lens 18-200mm, w/hood & cap, odd cover, ac charger, battery, remote, cables (DO, USB & Faux Battery)
viewfinder, microphone, windsock, mic holder, camera grip, bag & tag

Special Purpose: time lapse, high quality recording
Checkout Availability: special permission required
Related Equipment: libec tripod

Menu Options of Some Note

Clicking one of the “Menu” buttons will present you with a series of menu categories.

Camera Set

  • Gain/ISO Sel
  • ISO Set
  • Auto ISO Limit
  • WB Preset
  • Black Balance
  • S&Q Motion

Rec/Out Set

  • Rec Set

Audio Set

  • Audio Format
  • Audio Limit
  • XLR Set

Display Set

  • Histogram
  • Focus Display



  • Camera Profile (use to save to and load camera settings from a memory card)
  • Beep
  • Media Format (use to reformat a memory card)


And Knowing is Half the Battle

Where are the video files? The camera creates video files with an “.MTS” extension.

  • .MTS files are located (deep inside) the “PRIVATE” folder on the memory card. Copy/Backup the entire “PRIVATE” folder to your computer or hard drive. Once copied you can reformat the memory card for the next student.
    • PRIVATE folder
      • AVCHD folder
        • BDMV folder
          • STREAM folder (where .MTS files are located)
  • To import videos file into a editing program, simply select or drag the “PRIVATE” folder into the program’s media library-that should do the trick


The camera is not “numbering off”?

  • Someone hit the “TC/U-BIT” button.
    • Now all you have to do is, find that button.


Is the LCD screen is stiff?

  • loosen the “LCD HOLD” dial.


Full Equipment List

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