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Equipment Loan Policies

The Media Pool is an academic support center for The University of Tennessee, School of Art. The equipment that the Media Pool provides is shared by members of the School of Art. Only students, currently enrolled in a School of Art course, may partake in the services offered by the Media Pool. Access and use of the equipment is a privilege;, therefore, everyone must take care of and return the equipment on time.



  • The Media Pool is open Monday – Friday 9:00 am-4:00 pm.
  • Equipment checked out….
    • on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday is due that week on Thursday (@ noon).
    • on Thursday or Friday is due after the weekend on Monday (@ noon).


  • Equipment that is not reserved for a course is available to be checked out for academic use only. [The Media Pool will not provide equipment, to anyone, for non-course work related purposes].
  • All the equipment is available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Checking out equipment for group projects: the Borrower [The person who checked the equipment out is the “borrower” of that equipment] is solely responsible for all equipment, its proper use, and timely return.
  • Checking out equipment for a non-SoA student will result in a Media Pool checkout suspension.
  • General checkout concludes on the last day of the UT scheduled finals.
  • General checkout begins on the first day of classes.


  • Equipment must be returned by the Borrower.
  • The Borrower must return all the items in a kit together.
    • The equipment that is grouped together in a case or bag. The contents of a kit are noted on the kit’s luggage tag.
    • An “Item” is often tagged, however, some difficult to tag items are simply listed on the equipment kit’s luggage tag.
  • The Borrower must return the equipment on in good condition and on time or before the return time/day.
  • Checkout privileges will be suspended until all late equipment is returned.


  • Renewals will not be granted on Thursdays or Fridays (for weekend checkout).
    Return the equipment on Wednesday and check it out on Thursday, or return the equipment on Thursday and check it out on Friday.
  • In rare cases, renewals on Mondays are possible if adequate inventory is available to serve demand.


[LSD; lost, stolen, damaged or otherwise needing repair or replacement:]

  • Checkout privileges will be suspended until the LSD equipment is returned, replaced, or repaired.
  • The Borrower is financially responsible for the replacement of any LSD equipment as well as any late fees.
  • Students who return LSD equipment will be met with increased suspension periods.
  • The Borrower will start incurring late fees until the item is replaced if the kit cannot be returned to service by the end of the day of the next Monday (or the next business day if there is a holiday).
  • In extreme situations, The Media Pool Coordinator will provide the Borrower with an invoice for the cost(s) of repairing [At a repair shop chosen by The Media Pool Coordinator] and/or for a comparable replacement(s) for LSD equipment.


  • Borrowers who return equipment late will be unable to checkout equipment until the next workday.
  • Borrowers who are repeatedly late will be met with increased suspension periods.
    • On the third late (and each late thereafter) students will be suspended from checking out for three weeks (starting once the items are returned). Students are required to speak with the Media Pool Coordinator before the Borrower’s suspension can be lifted.


[Late is defined simply as `after the agreed check-in time’.]

  • The Borrower will be assessed late fees if items/equipment are returned late.
  • The Borrower will be contacted by the Media Pool only once the equipment is already late.All late equipment will be assessed a fine of:
    • $2.00 per (1) one item per day the first week,
    • $15.00 per (1) one item per day the second week and on.
  • Late fees accrue even when Media Pool is closed (excluding emergency school closings).
  • A 1-day late fee will be assessed starting as of 1:00:01 pm the day the equipment is due, after the first day fees will incur daily at noon until the equipment is returned.
  • LATE FEE EXAMPLES: For additional late fee scenarios, email us at
    • A video camera “kit” could contain up to 10 items. 10 x $2 = $20 per day (for the first week).
    • A tripod consists of 2 items. 2 x $2 = $4 per day (for the first week).


  • Invoices are submitted to and processed by the UT Bursar’s Office. You may pay outstanding invoices online or in-person at the Bursar’s Office (just as you would pay a parking ticket).
  • Any unpaid balance on your UT account places a hold on your account that prevents you from viewing grades and registering for classes


[Equipment’s stickers are used to manage the equipment owned by the UT School of Art.]

  • Removal of the equipment’s stickers or tag on the equipment bag/case will result in a $1.00 fee.
  • If a sticker is removed the Borrower will be suspended from checkout for no less than 5 days.


  • We do not allow extend loan checkouts.
  • If you like to request an exception, please have your Advisor/Professor email, addressing your needs in detail.
  • Exceptions are weekend checkouts and some holidays.
    • Such as Thanksgiving and many 3-day weekends.
  • Equipment cannot be checked out during breaks between semesters.
    • e.g. winter break – between winter and spring semester and during the summer break.
  • It is the Borrower’s responsibility to remember to return all the equipment by the assigned return time.
  • Graduate students are able to checkout equipment for the whole week of finals.
  • Graduate students refer to the Special/Break Policies for information on the semester break checkouts.


Special Graduate Student checkout policies applicable during breaks and finals:


  • Graduate students are able to checkout equipment for the whole week of finals.
  • All equipment must be returned by the end of finals.


  • Equipment may be checked out during academic breaks after finals.
  • Graduate students need to be aware of posted special Media Pool holiday/break hours that could be different from regular hours. We suggest you call 865-974-9230 or email, or before you drop by.
  • Graduate students may check out equipment over the academic breaks, including winter and summer.
  • Equipment may be checked out in one-week increments.
  • After a physical inspection of the equipment by media pool staff, equipment may be renewed.
  • Renewals/returns will be scheduled on Mondays and Thursdays (as available); otherwise, refer to the posted holiday/break hours.
  • Current policies regarding late fees, equipment replacement and equipment damage costs remain in effect. Kits must be complete, and missing items must be replaced before additional equipment can be checked out/renewed.
  • All equipment checked out for academic break must be returned by the first Monday or Thursday, whichever comes first, after the break has ended.


  • General checkout concludes on the last day of the UT scheduled finals.
  • General checkout begins on the first day of classes.
  • All equipment must remain local within Knoxville region.
  • All exceptions to any rule:

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