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Light Modifiers

Lighting, Accessory

Make/Model: Umbrellas
Checkout Availability: special permission required
The inner part of the umbrella is usually reflective, the list below will help you determine the best umbrella to use.

  • Gold – Produces a warm reflected light with a hard edge that is best for photographing people and skin tone colored objects.
  • Silver – Produces a neutral to cool reflected light with a hard edge.
  • White – Produces a soft reflected light than a silver umbrella.
  • Translucent – Nor reflective however, like the white the translucent produces a softer light. Additionally, you can shot through the umbrella useing it as a softbox. Careful not to put the light too close the fabric.
  • Blue – Converts a tungsten light source (3200°K) to Daylight temperature (5000°K).
  • Gold/Silver – Best of both a silver and gold umbrella. (we don’t have these)


Make/Model: StepLess Controller
Guide: Manual
Special Purpose: used to dim tungsten lights
Checkout Availability: no special permission required
Related Equipment: Tungsten lights

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