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Equipment List

The table is searchable and sort-able by column.

The table below is an incomplete list equipment, however, there is enough there to get your mind racing.If you have a specific question please feel free to ask. Contact The Media Pool office by calling 865-974-9230 or


General Type of Equipment Make/Model Uses & Special Purpose for the Equipment
Camera, DSLR Canon DSLR digital still, digital video, time lapse, it makes bubblegum (restrictions apply)
Camera, m3/4 Panasonic GH3 digital video, restricted checkout
Camera, Action GoPro Hero 2 digital video, time lapse
Camera, Video Blackmagic 4K Production digital video, restricted checkout
Camera, Video Canon EOS C100 digital video, restricted checkout
Camera, Video Canon XA10 digital video
Camera, Video Panasonic AG-AP130AP digital video, restricted checkout
Camera, Video Panasonic AG-HMC40p digital video, restricted checkout
Camera, Video Sony NEX FS100 digital video, restricted checkout
Camera, Film Film Video Camera restricted checkout
Camera, Film Film Still Camera restricted checkout
Audio, Info Microphone Pickup Patterns
Audio, Microphones Microphone
Audio, Mixer Mixers (various) mixing various input sources
Audio, Recorder Zoom H4n
Audio, Speaker Wired Speakers (various) must be pluged it (power and signal)
Audio, Speaker Wireless Speakers (various) wired or wireless signal transmission, some use built in and others use 'aa' batteries
Cable so many cables (various)
Camera, Accessory Alternate Camera Accessories car mount and shoulder stock for cameras used to redistribute the weight of a camera, not a steadycam, restricted checkout
Camera, Accessory SteadyCam used to steady a camera as the operator walks, takes a lot of time to set up
Camera, Accessory Sekonic Light Meter Cine light meter
Computer Laptop/Desktop All personal files need to be saved to an external drive, SD Card or USB drive. Any programs or files installed/saved on the laptop will be deleted when the laptop is shut down.
Computer, Tablet iPad (various) restricted checkout
Computer, Info MakerBot 3D Printer and Digitizer restricted checkout
Lighting, Accessory Light Modifiers Umbrellas, StepLess Controller, etc
Lighting, LED Ikan (various) 3K and a 2K kit
Lighting, Tungsten Lowel (various) various 1-light, 2-light and 3-light kits
Player, Digital Micca Speck G2 media player with HDMI and composite output
Player, DVD DVD player DVD not Blu-ray
Player, Game System Playstation 3 restricted checkout
Player, Game System xBox 360 restricted checkout
Projection Digital Projector (various) standard definition, some restrictions may apply
Projection WolfVision Digital Visualizer almost a digital overhead projector, restricted checkout
Stands, Audio Boom with shockmount
Stands, Tripod Heavy Weight Tripod restricted checkout
Stands, Tripod Light Weight Tripod

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