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Lecture Series

Fall 2013

killaarsSept. 12, Fransje Killaars, 7:30pm in A+A 109 (sponsored by VADSCO)
For nearly 20 years, Killaars' brightly colored fabrics and hand woven textiles alter existing architectural environments and suggest the existence of imagined spaces. Killaars' works feature color pairings inspired by India and color field painting of the 1960s. She creates vivid installations that are often in stark contrast to the galleries and conservative public institutions they inhabit. Co-sponsored by Ready for the World.

osorioOct. 10, Pepon Osorio, 7:30pm in A+A 109 (sponsored by VADSCO)
A master at installation art, Osorio is best known for his baroque, polemically charged environments. His use of mass-produced objects coupled with his socio-anthropological savvy presents the spectator with the opportunity to engage in multiple readings of his work. Ultimately, they speak not only to the Latino community but to society in general. Since 2006 he has been a Professor of Art at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. Co-sponsored by Ready for the World.

zoubokNov. 4, Pavel Zoubok, 7:30pm in A+A 109 (sponsored by VADSCO)
Since 1997, Pavel Zoubok Gallery has exhibited the work of contemporary and modern artists with a particular focus in the fields of collage, assemblage and mixed media installation. Zoubok is Founder and Artistic Director of the International Collage Center. The ICC is dedicated to the study and appreciation of collage and its related forms, including assemblage, photomontage and mixed-media installation.

whiteNov. 7, Wayne White, 7:30pm in the UC Auditorium (sponsored by VADSCO)
Wayne White is best known for his work in the 1980s on the popular television show Pee-Wee's Playhouse, where his set and puppet designs won three Emmy Awards. In recent years his paintings typically involve kitsch, commercially printed imagery, and humorous, painted word play. White is featured in the recent movie by Neil Berkeley, "Beauty is Embarrassing." Co-sponsored by the UT Department of Theatre.

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Spring 2013

Jan. 31, Chad Curtis, 7pm in A+A 109 (sponsored by VADSCO)

Feb. 28, William Lamson, 7pm in A+A 109 (sponsored by VADSCO)

March 14, Katy Siegel, "Facture and Fidelity: Contemporary Painting;" 7pm in A+A 109 (sponsored by VADSCO)

Fall 2012

Sept. 6, Fred Hagstrom, "History Pages: Book Arts and Social Issues," 7pm in A+A 109 (sponsored by VADSCO)

September 27, Barbara MacAdam, "Pencil Pushed," 7pm in A+A 109 (sponsored by VADSCO)

Oct. 4, Mary Reid Kelley, 7pm in A+A 109 (sponsored by VADSCO)

Oct. 25, Jeffrey Vallance, 7pm in A+A 109 (sponsored by VADSCO)

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