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Keely Snook

Education: California State University Chico, BFA

Habits are a form of behavior that is not only repetitive and universal but often deeply personal. Specifically, my interest is mannerisms in which the behavior is a physical interaction between the subject and their body. A habit can impact our sense of personal identity not only by scaring or marking the body, but also psychologically by its effect on how we are viewed by peers and ultimately our self-perception. The habits were chosen because the subject not only identified with the idiosyncrasy but also expressed it as odd or strange, sometimes even embarrassing. The work creates an opportunity for communication between subject and viewer, capturing a display that is often hidden or short-lived. The price paid by this voyeurism is the uncomfortable sense of the subject’s vulnerability and anxiety, the feeling that they know they are being watched. Through the process of woodcut the repetitive marking of the body is mimicked, as well as scaring, through the preservation of grain pattern and original gouges found in the wood. With my work, each piece stands as a visual manifestation of personal identity.

Keely Snook was born in Mountain View, California in 1989 and at the age of four moved from the Silicon Valley suburb to the Santa Cruz Mountains. At thirteen she took her first printmaking course at a summer program offered through Oregon State University. She was reintroduced to the medium at California State University, Chico and graduated with her BFA in Printmaking and a minor in Art History in 2012. Over the past decade, she has continually sought opportunities to expand upon her knowledge and experience. She has worked as the Printmaking Technical Assistant at CSU Chico and an Intern at the Janet Turner Print Museum, attended the Southern Graphics Conferences in New Orleans and Milwaukee, took multiple courses through the Frogman’s Print and Paper Workshop, and participated in local and national group exhibitions and exchanges. Her work is included in the collections of the Janet Turner Print Museum, the Mesa Contemporary Art Center, and the Museum of Northern California Art.

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