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Sophomore Motion Workshop with Scripps Network


In April 2015, the Scripps Design & Motion department held its third workshop with the University of Tennessee Graphic Design sophomore class. This year, the workshop was led by Peter Franks (Director of the Scripps Design and Motion Team) and UT Graphic Design alumni who work on the Motion Team: Anna Woodard (‘12), Elizabeth Conde (’12), Duncan Harryman (’09), Jessie Wagner (‘13) and Maria Lauer (’10). The workshop took place over the course of four days, however the planning took several months. This year, the workshop goal was to create and animate a monster of the students own creation. Students were led through ideation process t generate ideas, developed the design for the monster and produced a 5-second animation that brought it to life. The team from Scripps collated all of the animations into a single reel and worked with a musician at Scripps to develop a score to accompany the work.

“This workshop was a very intense experience for all involved—students, faculty and Scripps employees. The entire Design & Motion department at Scripps played a vital role. Without each and every person, it would not have been a success,” says Maria Lauer, Scripps Associate Designer. There are three main goals for this collaborative workshop experience: 1) To connect alumni with students in a mentorship role; 2) Improve recruiting ties with Scripps, both for interns and full-time employees; 3) Introduce students to the world of motion animation in their sophomore year. This introduction allows the students insight as to how they can incorporate motion into work they do later in the program.

“The workshop is amazing—the idea of it, the people helping us out, and of course the final product. I enjoyed the freedom we had in picking a direction. The Scripps’ team was nice, helpful, funny and inspiring,” said participating sophomore Samuel Bendriem. Anna Woodard, Associate Designer, adds “The large majority of our department are alumni of this program. We know what these students are going through, and to be on the other side of the table, influencing their work, was a great feeling.” Other alum who have worked at Scripps and served as workshop mentors with the sophomores in past workshops include Harrison Vincent (’12) and Samantha Ownby (’11).

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