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The School of Art relies heavily on donations and income generated from endowment funds to fulfill its missions in education, research and service. The state appropriated operating budget for the School (excluding salaries for staff and faculty) amounts to approximately 27% of the total private donations and endowment income. Over half of our funds (endowed and non-endowed combined) are designated for scholarships, while other funds are earmarked for faculty research, the Ewing Gallery, and books and equipment upgrades.

This is a critical time to support public higher education. Almost every state in the nation is experiencing budget crises of varying magnitudes. The state of Tennessee is no exception. With decreasing state support to our public universities and rising tuition costs for our students, private donations are crucial for our commitment to a quality and affordable education. For example, our endowed graduate assistantships are often cited as the determining factor on whether a student can afford to pursue their graduate education at the University of Tennessee School of Art.

Below is a list of our endowed and non-endowed funds. Click on the name of the fund to see a short description of each of the funds. To ensure that your contribution will go to support your choice of fund, please indicate the name of the fund or its account number on your donation.

Please send your contribution to:

John Dinkens, Director of Development
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 865.974.1815

You may also submit your donation online by clicking here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments and thank you for your interest in supporting the University of Tennessee School of Art.

Dottie Habel, Director
School of Art
The University of Tennessee
1715 Volunteer Boulevard
Knoxville, TN 37996-2410
Phone: 865.974.3407

Endowed Scholarships Fund

Buck Ewing Graduate Scholarship Endowment
Mary Louise Seilaz Scholarship Endowment
Terry Burnette Art Endowment
Dorothy N. Dille Art Endowment
Arts Council Legacy Quasi-Endowment
Mary Lynn Glustoff Memorial Endowment
Orin B. Graff and Erma G. Graf Endowment for the Visual Arts

Endowed Funds

Eleanor Dean Swan Audigier Endowment
Charles I. and Blanche Barber Art Fund Endowment
Dale G. Cleaver Endowment for Art History
Ellen McClung Berry Quasi-Endowment
Kurka Faculty Award Endowment
Ewing Gallery Quasi-Endowment
Dale G. Cleaver Award Endowment
Raoul and Marie Louis Verhagen Art Ouasi-Endowment
Betsy Worden Endowment in Printmaking

Scholarship Funds

Art Dept. Scholarships & Aid Fund
Knox Watercolor Society Scholarship
William C. Kennedy Graphic Design Scholarship
GKAC Scholarship in Graphic Design
Art Dept. Student Emergency Loan
Beauford & Joseph Delaney Scholarship

Non-Scholarship Funds

School of Art Enrichment Fund
SACAB-Sublett Project
Joseph Delaney Fund
School of Art-Photography Fund
Graphic Design Lecture Fund
Art Computer Enhanced Design Fund
Knoxville Museum of Art Fund


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