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Geoffrey Silvis
Education: University of Hartford (BFA)

With electrons and atoms flying around, there is nothing truly static in our world, but my intent is to elicit the essence of a static moment in time, showing multiple levels of understanding through a single subject. Layers of transparent imagery convey Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, where you can never truly know the location of an object and its speed at the same time. You are left with an impression and an approximation: a gesture. A prominent concept that influences my work is that of human understanding perception of time, space, and position. When I experience something like pain, there are electrical reactions that have taken place to let me know that I am feeling it. These electrical reactions take time, and I am living in the past. At every waking second, I have already done what I am experiencing, fractions of a second before my brain realizes it.

Geoffrey Silvis grew up in Burlington, Massachusetts, and received his BFA in Printmaking from the Hartford Art School, University of Hartford, in 2010. A consummate house painter, he also worked as an admissions coordinator for his alma mater, the Hartford Art School, for three years. During his time out of school, Geoffrey discovered NPR’s Radiolab, which focuses on a unique blend of science and storytelling. Inspired by Radiolab’s approach – using an inviting tone and accessible vocabulary to engage with a variety of listeners – Geoffrey’s work has taken on a similar goal. From Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle to the newly determined death of the dinosaurs, Geoffrey encourages scientific literacy through artistic storytelling. His work has been featured in Still Point Magazine, with works exhibited in Carlsbad, CA, New Haven, CT, and Norwalk, CT at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking.

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