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The School of Art occupies approximately 66,000 sq. feet. within the Art and Architecture Building. The building is home to School of Art (Studio Art, Graphic Design, and Art History) and the College of Architecture (Architecture and Interior and Landscape Design) who occupy extensive studio/classroom/office space surrounding a huge, open, commons space, filled with natural light.

Art & Architecture Building

The Art and Architecture Building, one of the finest facilities in the country, has 161,650 square feet of space. The building includes a 125-seat auditorium and a smaller lecture hall (both with state of the art media equipment); several other lecture rooms; a large, enclosed commons area; a gallery and sculpture court; studios; classrooms; Media Pool equipment rental; photo labs; woodshop; print shop; digital labs; offices; a slide library and a visual resources center; a branch of the UT Book and Supply Store; and an Einstein's Bagels.

Building Hours

Monday through Friday 7 a.m.- 11 p.m.
Saturday 8 a.m.-8 p.m.
Sunday noon- 6 p.m.
Closed holidays

After-Hours Access Requirements

After-hours access to the Art and Architecture Building is by electronic security system only. Art students who need access to the building when it is not open must come by the Art Office and request that their Student ID be activated. Entrance to the building during the hours the security system is activated is through the loading dock door at the northwest corner of the building, the southwest entrance, or through the small door located to the west of the main entrance doors on the 2nd floor. If the red light is on, the Student ID should be scanned with the magnetic strip facing the slot. The red light should then turn green and allow the door to be opened. Students encountering problems with the scanning system should notify the Art Office.

Additional Facilities

  • Main office (rm. 213)
  • Director and Associate Director office
  • Principal Secretary
  • Sr. Budget Assistant
  • Administrative Service Assistant
  • Conference/Seminar Room with digital AV equipment
  • Mail and duplication room
  • Media Pool (rm. 343)
  • Computer Lab, jointly managed with the University Computing Center
Art History
  • 125 seat Lecture Hall, 2,100 sq. ft., including 15 foot screen and projection booth with AV equipment
  • 77 seat Lecture Hall, including 10 foot screen and AV equipment
  • Slide Collection Library Suite, including slide and digital archive, workroom and darkroom (rm. 215)
  • Curator's office (rm. 215)
  • Digital projector and computer checkout
  • Undergraduate Ceramics, adjacent to Art and Architecture Building. 4392 sq./ft
  • Beginning studio, including slab roller, 12 electric wheels and extruder
  • Advanced studio, including eight wheels and individual major's workspaces
  • Faculty studio, 665 sq./ft
  • Clay mixing lab with two clay mixers
  • Glaze mixing lab with spray booth and ball mill
  • Kiln Room, including five gas kilns, three electric kilns and one raku kiln
  • Three multi-purpose rooms
  • Graduate studios with individual workspaces and track lighting
Graphic Design
  • Junior/Senior design studio with individual desk spaces for each student, 2960 sq. ft. (rm. 335)
  • Design classroom with digital AV equipment, 1480 sq. ft. (rm. 329)
  • Shared Design + Printmaking Letterpress Studio with a Challenge and Vandercook Press and type specimens
  • Graduate studios in various locations
  • One multi-purpose painting studio, 1,500 sq. ft., with digital AV equipment
  • One junior/senior studio with individual cubicles
  • Graduate studios with individual workspaces and track lighting
  • Storage and locker room
  • General class room with digital AV equipment
  • Film lab
  • Digital video lab
  • Media Pool (rm. 343)
  • Design classroom with digital AV equipment, 1480 sq. ft. (rm. 329)
  • Main studio, 4,320 sq. ft.
  • Advanced Print Workshop and Book Arts Room, additional 1,1000 sq. ft
  • Acid and solvent room, including special acid venting and spray booth
  • Shared Design + Printmaking Letterpress Studio with a Challenge and Vandercook Press and type specimens
  • Acid and solvent storage room
  • Supply storage
  • Photo-print room
  • Graduate studios in various locations
  • Main photography area with digital lab, printers, and projector
  • Separate wet and dry media studios
  • Casting support area
  • Foundry with two burnout kilns, two melt furnaces and sand pit
  • Fabrication area
  • Equipment storage
  • Graduate offices
Ewing Gallery
  • Main gallery, 3,000 sq. ft. with 25 ft. ceiling, permanent and adjustable lighting and moveable display pylons
  • Outdoor Court, 2,340 sq. ft.
  • Gallery Preparation
  • Student Gallery in library including moveable display pylons
  • Additional 1,800 sq. ft. of storage in the UT Middlebrook Pike Warehouse
Shared space with the College of Architecture and Design
  • Fully equipped woodshop
  • Open atrium and public spaces
  • Art supply store
  • Einstein's Bagels

Outside Facilities

Graduate Ceramics "Steam Plant"
  • Major Studio Space 1630 sq./ft. including slab roller, extruder and individual graduate work spaces
  • Electric kiln pad, including six electric kilns
  • Gas kiln pad, including two gas kilns, one wood kiln and one raku kiln
  • Faculty storage
Melrose Building Studios
  • Graduate Printmaking, Graphic Design and 4D Studios
  • Storage
Kingston Pike Building Warehouse
  • Graduate and Faculty Studios
  • Clean presentation space
  • Storage
The University of Tennessee Downtown Gallery
  • 106 S. Gay Street, Downtown Knoxville's Arts District
  • 1,600 sq. ft. gallery space
Gallery 1010
  • 113 S. Gay Street, Downtown Knoxville's Arts District
  • 350 sq. ft. gallery space


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