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Content updates

Rolling Update Cycle: [We welcome your feedback, this is simply an idea in it’s early planning stages.]

Starting in Spring 2017, we would like to institute a rolling 3 year area-by-area full-content review cycle. The idea is NOT to have bulk ‘all area’ mega update once every 3 years. Instead to provide an opportunity for each area to review the current content and make content updates accordingly.

Our goals for instituting the cycle:

  • IS to develop a rolling scheduled area-by-area full-content review cycle in order to lesson the impact of updating 11 areas at one time.
  • To provide a scheduled opportunity that encourages members in each area to meet to review all the content together.
  • Facilitate that each area is provided individualized time for the update.
  • Of course, updates are voluntary.
  • Of course, we encourage everyone to use the New content form and the Update content form as often as needed. If you are able to stay on top of your content updates you may feel confident enough to skip you rolling update.
  • We would you all to think of this as just in case and not mandatory.


Preliminary Cycle Suggestion:

Spring – MediaPool
Summer – 4D
Fall – Art History
Winter – Ceramics

Spring – Foundations
Summer – Graphic Design
Fall – Painting & Drawing
Winter – Photography

Spring – Printmaking
Summer – Sculpture
Fall- Transmedia
Winter – Administrative

lather, rinse and repeat




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