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Cassidy Frye

Education: Herron school of Art and Design, BFA

Cassidy Frye is a contemporary sculptor from the No Coast. She Received a BFA in spring 2015 from Herron school of Art and Design in Indianapolis, Indiana, where she focused her time studying sculpture, printmaking, and trying to solve the mystery of why anyone would build a city surrounded by corn. Mystery is still unsolved, She doesn’t know why most things exist, but she is glad they do.

Growing up in a military family I was raised around uniforms and multiple moves, without a sense of permanence. Home became ever changing. We become defined by the places we have resided, when you first meet someone a common question that is asked is “Where are you from?” the answer begins to shape their image of you. A location that can be temporary and effortlessly changed becomes who you are. Home is a place that follows me, it cannot fit into boxes or suitcases it is the connections made with people and experiences. My work focuses on my search for an understanding of home and the act of relocating.



I Want a House, Built of Old Wood, You Can Paint it Any Color As Long As I Can Live With You



Land Value



Land Value (detail)



Level Ground to Build Upon



Flamingos in Formation on Broken Ground



Side effects of a Prolonged Winter


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