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Welcome to 4D: Video, Performance, Cinema, and Sound

The undergraduate program in 4D examines time-based artistic practice and encourages a multifaceted approach to art making where the forms of expression and aesthetic dialog are open and evolving and where divisions between art disciplines are fluid.

Students working in 4D — the “time-based” arts — create works of video, cinema, performance art, installation art, sound art, and other time-based, technology-driven and/or interactive works. As an area that emphasizes creative questioning using established and emerging technologies, students in 4D are uniquely poised to be creative, productive and successful both in the art world and other related creative industries.

The 4D faculty consists of internationally-recognized, award-winning artists and filmmakers.  The program emphasizes students’ personal development while encouraging collaboration and team building. The coursework offers a blend of practical, skill-building knowledge (video production, cinematography, sound recording techniques, sound and video editing, creative-coding, matte painting etc.) and intense critical study in an intimate, supportive environment, all in the pursuit of a fully-developed artistic point-of-view.

Students in 4D are encouraged to broaden their horizons by pursuing advanced coursework in other studio areas in the School of Art in addition to other departments in the University (such as Cinema Studies, Computer Science, Music or Theatre), participating in student-run organizations like the Visiting Artist Committee, the Society of Media Arts and the UT Cinema Club and interning with one or more of Knoxville’s many media companies and non-profits. Other benefits of the 4D program include the opportunity to take coursework in conjunction with California-based digital effects company, Whiskeytree Inc. and exhibition and screening opportunities through our bi-annual Handheld Festival for video, performance, sound and film and the Knoxville Film Festival.

We encourage you to learn more about 4D.

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