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september 26, 2013

4D arts program features interdisciplinary arts courses

4D arts program features interdisciplinary arts courses.


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Welcome to 4D

The 4D area investigates the use of time as a means of communication and evaluation. Exploring cinema, performance, installation, gaming, sound, new media, and emerging practices; our classes offer a mix of practical skill-building and intense critical study. With a heavy emphasis on interconnection and collaboration, the studio culture in 4D is built on the thriving arts-research environment at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Our undergraduate sequence offers the opportunity to mix art with science, old media with new ideologies, and emerging techniques with tried-and-true class-critiques, all in the pursuit of a finely-tuned skill-set and fully-developed artistic point-of-view.

At the graduate level, our program joins with the School of Art's Graphic Design program, forging a studio environment which focuses on an artwork-as-personal-research model. Here, candidates will be encouraged to pursue questions they feel passionate about, learning to translate the solving process into a life-long media practice.

To view a video about the 4D area, click HERE.


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